Cast Iron and Coconuts

Finally getting time to finish and publish another post!  Quick family outing yesterday afternoon, we meandered into the 9th Street area for a quick peek of the local scene in our new hometown.  I had the pleasure of meeting two lovely ladies Miss Libby Lynn at her showing “If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Skillet!” and Pamela Gutlon, owner of the Outsiders Art & Collectibles Gallery which hosted the show.  Very hospitable ladies, and very devoted to their industries, so glad I was able to stop through. Miss Gutlon is a true patron of the arts and a firm supporter of small business. And I must say I am quite intrigued by Ms. Lynn’s self proclaimed “skillet fetish”. I’m a lover of cast iron myself, as I have such a piece that was handed down from my great Grandmother, perfectly seasoned by almost a century of traditional tortilla making.  Miss Lynn doesn’t incorporate actual cast iron skillets, but captures their timeless essence in Encaustic paintings. I was  not able to stay and chat for long (for which I hope she accepts my dearest apologies!), but can’t wait for the next crossing of paths to pick her brain. I would share an image of her work, but I need permission from the artist herself first. So maybe on a later date.

Accompanying the gallery showing were a duet of food trucks, Pie Pushers pizza and The Parlour ice cream. Ice cream was Max’s demand for behaving in the gallery. He’d been talking all day non-stop about ice cream trucks, which is a new and exciting concept for him.  And we have been looking for a new local ice creamery in which to grant our loyalty since leaving our beloved Hop Ice Cream back in Asheville. Little man had a scoop of chocolate with chocolate chip cookies and Daddy and I shared two scoops of the vegan toasted coconut.

Daddy and Max in front of The Parlour Truck

The chocolate ice cream covered smiles speak for themselves

Overall the outing was quick yet successful. You can check out Libby Lynn’s art and the Outsider’s Art & Collectibles website by clicking the links embedded in their names above. The encaustic skillets will be lighting up the gallery walls well into July so don’t forget to stop by and check it out! Also check out the schedules for the food trucks mentioned above by clicking the links embedded in their names also.

This country bumpkin is enjoying her time “running with bulls”. I’d love to check out your event, gallery, show or get-together too! Email me at

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